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Class 300 Parallel Slide Gate Valve

Class 300 Parallel Slide Gate Valve

High quality parallel slide gate valve with welded seats. In stock up to 4in. Can be automated.
Trimteck Control Valve

Trimteck Control Valve

High quality control valve capable of very severe pressure reduction. Advanced noise reduction technology.
Schubert & Salzer Isolation Valve

Schubert & Salzer Isolation Valve

Schubert & Salzer is a reliable angle seat valve with aluminium actuator and high temperature gland suitable for steam.

Robust & Reliable Steam System Solutions

Steam & Process has developed as a company based in New Zealand providing, robust, steam solutions.

Venturi Orifice Steam Traps are a permanent solution to removing condensate for steam systems as they have no moving parts, a 10 guarantee against mechanical failure and put an end to, steam trap maintenance. Significant energy savings have been achieved by companies which have changed all their steam traps to venturi orifice steam traps.

Special requirements?

Contact us to discuss the options available to you.


Precise, cost-effective & low-maintenance

Trimteck Control valves have been disrupting the North American control valve industry for 15 years and now we have introduced them into New Zealand.  With a background in the aerospace industry the Trimteck Control valve is one of the most resilient control valves on the market.  The valve is ideally suited for high pressure let-down, boiler feed water, de-aerator pressure control and powder dryer control.

Conflow is a European valve manufacturer producing a control valves and pressure reducing valves suitable for common industrial control applications.  They are suitable for all steam control duties up to 10 bar including pressure reduction, heat exchanger control and control of steam on cooking vessels.

Schubert & Salzer automatic isolation valves are a durable stainless steel isolation which offer class 6 isolation and better durability than ball valves.  We hold stock in New Zealand and can advise on the correct valve for the application.


Please contact us if you would like us to discuss your requirements.

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